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My speech topics include:

Making the Most of Your Money Today
ideas on managing money, for people of all ages

The Economy and Your Money
The state of the economy today, the most topical issues, and what it all means for managing money

Yes, You Can Still Retire Well
On retirement planning and managing money in retirement.

Why Women Are Great Investors
For women’s groups, the research on women as investors (they do as well or better than men) and how to make investing work for you.

A Custom-Tailored speech
Directed specifically to the concerns of your audience.

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Here’s what other sponsors have said about Jane Bryant Quinn

“JBQ is the best economics program we’ve had and one of the best programs we’ve had, period.”
Desert Town Hall of Indian Wells, California

“Your sessions on personal finance were extremely well received and offered real ‘take home pay’–one of the major goals of our concurrent sessions.”
Nonprescription Drug Manufacturers Associationa

“I particularly want to thank you for being so encouraging to the students who came to hear you in the afternoon and also in the evening. You’re an inspiration!”
Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida

“A good panel is only as good as its moderator, and you, Jane, were the best. You kept everyone focused and made sure the event was well-paced, lively and entertaining”
Scudder Kemper Investments

“Thank you for being with us on Saturday for Commencement and for your most inspiring and informative talk to our students… They appreciated hearing such a practical ‘real world’ talk for a commencement speaker rather than the usual esoteric remarks that no one will remember!”
Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame

“You won the audience over by sustaining their interest in all that you presented, and by giving so much of yourself to those who wanted to meet you at the reception.”
The Dowmel Foundation Lecture Series

“She was outstanding! Fantastic! A major success!”
Toyota Motors

Have Jane Speak

"In the five years I have been with the organization, I have never before seen the audience give any speaker a standing ovation." — Ceramic Tile
Distributors Association
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Jane’s Book Club

The Number by Lee Eisenberg

THE book to read, when you’re puzzling over how much to save for retirement.

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Jane’s Bio

Jane Bryant Quinn is a nationally known commentator on personal finance, with books and columns read and trusted by millions.
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