What Jane Says: Wills and Estates

Lawyers are tut-tutting over the taxes due on the probate estate of James (Tony Soprano) Gandolfini. He was worth some $70 million when he died of a heart attack while traveling in Italy in June. He left the bulk of his money to his sisters, wife and children — some in cash, some in trust. […]

This is a tricky question because state laws vary so much. Compounding the problem is that law enforcement doesn’t pay attention to who inherits guns unless the heir gets into trouble. If it turns out that the heir owns the gun illegally, it will make his or her problems worse. Rifles and shotguns can usually […]

For investors, money market mutual funds are handy. You can use them as a parking place when you’re moving money from one investment to another. Many of us also use the funds as ready cash reserves. We pay our normal bills with online (or paper) checking accounts and reach into our money funds for unusual expenses. We’re […]

I want to alert you to a tax loophole for the “lucky sperm club” (otherwise known as the heirs of the rich) that gets almost no publicity. Congress could plug it, when it reconfigures estate taxes for 2011 and beyond. Without public outcry, however, there’s no pressure to do so – and let’s face it, […]

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