What Jane Says: Taxes

When the stock market is good, you’re supposed to take some money off the table. A semi-retired friend of mine did just that and got the tax shock of his life. His smart investment move not only brought down the AMT on his head (that’s the alternative minimum tax that prevents people with above-average incomes […]

Do you own a variable annuity with lifetime income benefits? Did you buy it in the years before the financial meltdown? You have a terrific contract that your insurance company might be trying to take away. Don’t let them do it. In the early and middle ‘00’s. insurers competed vigorously for your retirement money. They […]

Lawyers are tut-tutting over the taxes due on the probate estate of James (Tony Soprano) Gandolfini. He was worth some $70 million when he died of a heart attack while traveling in Italy in June. He left the bulk of his money to his sisters, wife and children — some in cash, some in trust. […]

Yet another lost lawsuit should be a wake-up call to everyone who’s divorced. Change the beneficiary forms on your 401(k) or IRA to remove your ex-spouse. Otherwise, your ex will become unexpectedly rich. In recent Virginia case, a couple divorced and the husband signed a waiver, agreeing not to exert his legal rights against his wife’s 401(k). […]

Investors searching for yield are falling in love with high-rated bonds that also pay high interest rates. Hmmm, I hope you just said. Don’t bonds highly rated for safety bonds carry lower interest rates? The answer is yes–but a clever financial adviser can make you think you’re getting a higher yield than is actually the case. […]

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