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Researchers at the Chicago Federal Reserve took a look at how health care reform in Massachusetts, in 2006, affected consumer finances. Turns out, it made people better off. Your financial life has a better chance of working out if you’re protected from the devastating effect of high and unexpected medical bills. No surprised, but it’s nice […]

What’s a struggling (and angry) investor to do, in the face of a government shutdown and threatened default? An artificial financial crisis (not based on fundamentals) cooked up entirely for political gain. Prior to the shutdown, the economy was gathering steam — more jobs, higher profits, more homebuilding, low interest rates, low inflation, higher stock […]

Do you own a variable annuity with lifetime income benefits? Did you buy it in the years before the financial meltdown? You have a terrific contract that your insurance company might be trying to take away. Don’t let them do it. In the early and middle ‘00’s. insurers competed vigorously for your retirement money. They […]

For investors, money market mutual funds are handy. You can use them as a parking place when you’re moving money from one investment to another. Many of us also use the funds as ready cash reserves. We pay our normal bills with online (or paper) checking accounts and reach into our money funds for unusual expenses. We’re […]

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