What Jane Says: Retirement

We all know  that the older we get, the more of our money should be kept safe. To achieve that, we gradually lower the percentage of savings we hold in stocks and increase our commitment to bonds. That’s classic, standard investment advice. But I’m starting to think that’s wrong.  Quality bonds and certificates of deposit […]

Do you own a variable annuity with lifetime income benefits? Did you buy it in the years before the financial meltdown? You have a terrific contract that your insurance company might be trying to take away. Don’t let them do it. In the early and middle ‘00’s. insurers competed vigorously for your retirement money. They […]

Today, bonds look like losers. If the economy continues to improve, as currently projected, long-term interest rates will gradually go up. When unemployment comes down, the Federal Reserve will stop repressing short-term rates and they’ll rise, too. When interest rates rise, the market price of bonds and bond mutual funds goes down. So why would […]

Yet another lost lawsuit should be a wake-up call to everyone who’s divorced. Change the beneficiary forms on your 401(k) or IRA to remove your ex-spouse. Otherwise, your ex will become unexpectedly rich. In recent Virginia case, a couple divorced and the husband signed a waiver, agreeing not to exert his legal rights against his wife’s 401(k). […]

I manage a lot of my life online. So I’m generating “digital assets” — bank and investment accounts, Facebook postings, Tweets, personal photographs held somewhere in the cloud, music downloads, postings on this website, and my business records. Who has access to them if I get hit by a truck? I thought I was covered […]

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