What Jane Says: Life Insurance

So…do the 47 percent of households that don’t pay taxes vote for Democrats? That’s what some conservative pols are saying.  Supposedly, these moochers are hooked on government benefits that the Democrats ladle out. As Pennsylvania State Representative Darryl Metcalfe put it, they’re the “people that are living off the public dole, living off their neighbors’ hard work.” […]

If you’re invested in bond mutual funds, relax. The Great Bond Collapse, touted by so many noisy commentators last month, has been put on indefinite hold. Fears of ramped up inflation and spikes in interest rates were premature. Bond funds still look like sound investments, for income and diversification. So make yourself a hot cup […]

Did you get a payout from a life insurance policy? Is it sitting in a special checking account provided by the insurance company? A class action lawsuit, filed recently and amended today, slams the Prudential Insurance Company of America for taking financial advantage of beneficiaries. Pru earns 5 to 6 percent on that money, the […]

Everyone within shouting distance of a consumer columnist knows that term life insurance is the smartest and best way of protecting your family. Boomers loaded up when their kids were young, usually with policies that lasted for 20 years. But when you buy, you rarely think about what will happen when the term runs out. […]

Sales commissions drive the “advice” you get from brokers and other financial advisers. They promote products that pay them the highest commissions, even when they know about better (and cheaper) ones. Case in point: a story in Investment News on the newest tax-deferred annuities. These investments are notoriously expensive for consumers (although you rarely know […]

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