What Jane Says: Health Insurance

Rep. John Boehner is shocked, shocked, that his insurance premiums will rise, now that he he’s out of the government’s health plan and shopping the market for individual policies. Well, guess what? The premiums you have to pay as an individual have always been higher than those group plans charge for similar coverage. That is, […]

The House GOP doesn’t want the average uninsured American to have access to health insurance through the ACA. But they sure do notice if they themselves might have to pay more. Members of Congress and their staffs have to buy their policies on the new ACA exchanges. Poor drafting of the law, however, accidentally eliminated […]

UPDATE, FROM FLORIDA: The state just banned all county health facilities from signing up uninsured residents, including their own uninsured patients, for the Affordable Care Act. Nice going, Gov. Scott. Better to have more sick people on the public dole than help them get Obamacare. ————————————————————————————————- Two groups of people, in particular, have been looking […]

When the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare, I wrote a DimeSpring post on what it means to you — you can check it out there. I  have a thought to add, since Mitt Romney told “Meet the Press” last Sunday that he favored the law’s intent to cover people with preexisting conditions. He promptly walked  that comment […]

For insight into our frequent frustration with medical care, I urge you to read the graduation speech that surgeon and writer Atul Gawande gave to Harvard students last week. He talked about patient-care issues I hadn’t fully understood, and for which even today’s generation of doctors are apparently not prepared. It will greatly enlarge your […]

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