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Rep. John Boehner is shocked, shocked, that his insurance premiums will rise, now that he he’s out of the government’s health plan and shopping the market for individual policies. Well, guess what? The premiums you have to pay as an individual have always been higher than those group plans charge for similar coverage. That is, […]

What’s a struggling (and angry) investor to do, in the face of a government shutdown and threatened default? An artificial financial crisis (not based on fundamentals) cooked up entirely for political gain. Prior to the shutdown, the economy was gathering steam — more jobs, higher profits, more homebuilding, low interest rates, low inflation, higher stock […]

The House GOP doesn’t want the average uninsured American to have access to health insurance through the ACA. But they sure do notice if they themselves might have to pay more. Members of Congress and their staffs have to buy their policies on the new ACA exchanges. Poor drafting of the law, however, accidentally eliminated […]

I’m getting tired of headlines that claim “Deficits Up,” when they’re really down or “Hyperinflation Coming,” when our slow-growth economy has been holding inflation at historically low levels. Supposedly, we’re wrecking America for our grandchildren, not to mention ourselves. So I thought I’d share a positive view of the economy, from Allen Sinai, chief global economist […]

What’s so infuriating about the fiscal cliff is that it’s entirely man-made, by legislators trying to fool the public and themselves. It was a twofer: 1. When the Bush tax cuts passed, projections showed that they added billions to the deficit over the long term. To “fix” the problem, Congress declared that the tax cuts […]

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