What Jane Says: The Economy

When oil hit $100 a barrel last year, consumers yelped and the media headlined the number as major news. After a few weeks, journalists moved on to other stories, prices stayed high, and we got used to it. With civil war raging in Iraq and the northern oil pipeline to Turkey in the middle of […]

Stock prices generally follow a four-year pattern linked to the presidential election cycle. The first two years after the election coincide with the slowest market growth while the second two outperform. The third year of the cycle is the best. Academic researchers have tried to find fundamental, economic reasons for this cyclical behavior, without success. […]

I’m getting tired of headlines that claim “Deficits Up,” when they’re really down or “Hyperinflation Coming,” when our slow-growth economy has been holding inflation at historically low levels. Supposedly, we’re wrecking America for our grandchildren, not to mention ourselves. So I thought I’d share a positive view of the economy, from Allen Sinai, chief global economist […]

Today, bonds look like losers. If the economy continues to improve, as currently projected, long-term interest rates will gradually go up. When unemployment comes down, the Federal Reserve will stop repressing short-term rates and they’ll rise, too. When interest rates rise, the market price of bonds and bond mutual funds goes down. So why would […]

What’s so infuriating about the fiscal cliff is that it’s entirely man-made, by legislators trying to fool the public and themselves. It was a twofer: 1. When the Bush tax cuts passed, projections showed that they added billions to the deficit over the long term. To “fix” the problem, Congress declared that the tax cuts […]

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