What Jane Says: Debit Cards

The big banks are threatening to hit you with fees for using your debit card. JPMorgan Chase fired the first shot across the bow last week, by canceling its debit-card rewards program. Why is this happening? Because the banks lost an epic battle with retailers, which will force them to slash the fees they collect […]

In marriage, what’s your biggest financial risk? That your spouse has a secret vice, and I don’t mean playing around with other partners. It’s STD in a different form – “sexually transmitted debt.” Your beloved might be hauling the burden of excess credit card spending or unpaid student loans that have grown from a molehill […]

Is your bank jacking up its fees on your checking account? You have one great response available. Move your money. Now. Find an institution that competes for your business on price as well as service – probably an online bank, community bank, or credit union. Even pre-paid debit cards can be a smarter choice than […]

What’s one of the country’s top New Year’s resolutions? “Get my personal finances on track.” It competes with “Lose five pounds” and way outdoes “Spend more time with family and friends.” If you get control of your money, you might even find it easier to control other niggling issues (like that extra Christmas weight). Here […]

If you froze your credit cards in a block of ice this Christmas season, you’re part of a trend. The use of general cards such as Visa and MasterCard dropped by 11 percent in the third quarter of this year, the credit bureau TransUnion reports.  America’s Research Group found that, over the Thanksgiving weekend, the […]

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