What Jane Says: Credit Cards

Rampant identity theft makes me so uneasy that I froze my credit report last year. I did it online, at each of the three credit bureau sites (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion), and it wasn’t hard. With a frozen report, no one can apply for a new credit card or line of credit in my name. Which, by […]

Opt out of marketing data bases! Do it now! And don’t give out any personal information in response to an email, even if it appears to come from your bank or favorite store. Another major hacker attack last week exposed the names and emails of millions of consumers to cyber criminals — and you might […]

Modern divorce is not about who was the meanest or who slept where. It’s about the money. Both spouse’s income and assets are – or should be – on the table. But couples don’t always know a lot about each other’s finances, or where to look. They might not even realize how much less they’re […]

Do you have “frugal fatigue?” You’re not alone. Pinching pennies becomes exhausting, year after year. You dream of breaking free and buying everything in sight. But tiresome as budgets are, consumers haven’t quit them yet. You threw some money around in December, when credit card use bumped up for the first time since the 2008 […]

In marriage, what’s your biggest financial risk? That your spouse has a secret vice, and I don’t mean playing around with other partners. It’s STD in a different form – “sexually transmitted debt.” Your beloved might be hauling the burden of excess credit card spending or unpaid student loans that have grown from a molehill […]

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