What Jane Says: Consumer Rights

UPDATE, FROM FLORIDA: The state just banned all county health facilities from signing up uninsured residents, including their own uninsured patients, for the Affordable Care Act. Nice going, Gov. Scott. Better to have more sick people on the public dole than help them get Obamacare. ————————————————————————————————- Two groups of people, in particular, have been looking […]

Rampant identity theft makes me so uneasy that I froze my credit report last year. I did it online, at each of the three credit bureau sites (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion), and it wasn’t hard. With a frozen report, no one can apply for a new credit card or line of credit in my name. Which, by […]

I manage a lot of my life online. So I’m generating “digital assets” — bank and investment accounts, Facebook postings, Tweets, personal photographs held somewhere in the cloud, music downloads, postings on this website, and my business records. Who has access to them if I get hit by a truck? I thought I was covered […]

What’s high on the hit list in Washington DC today? The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was created to defend you from lying and predatory lenders. The financial industry hates the bureau and wants it gone. Their lobbyists and legislators couldn’t stop it from being enacted into law. Now, they’re trying to cripple it […]

Are you planning on filing your last-minute tax returns electronically? Make sure that a crook isn’t secretly looking over your shoulder while you’re online. “The bad guys are always surfing for mistakes,” says Fred Touchette, senior security analyst for AppRiver, an Internet security company. “The weakest link in computer security is usually the individual user.” […]

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