What Jane Says: College

I’ve always thought that part of the struggle to pay for college comes from the ingrained belief that you should stretch for the “best” schools, or “dream schools,” regardless of the size of the loans you’ll have to take on. But students can get a fine education at all kinds of schools, including those with low net […]

Email your legislator, if you’re counting on federal Pell Grants to help you start, or continue, your higher education. The GOP proposes to slash your award by about 15 percent for academic year starting this September. That would be the largest cut in aid in the history of the program. President Obama opposes the change […]

In marriage, what’s your biggest financial risk? That your spouse has a secret vice, and I don’t mean playing around with other partners. It’s STD in a different form – “sexually transmitted debt.” Your beloved might be hauling the burden of excess credit card spending or unpaid student loans that have grown from a molehill […]

What’s one of the country’s top New Year’s resolutions? “Get my personal finances on track.” It competes with “Lose five pounds” and way outdoes “Spend more time with family and friends.” If you get control of your money, you might even find it easier to control other niggling issues (like that extra Christmas weight). Here […]

Student loans — if unpaid even for a short time — lock you into the only effective debtors’ prison existing in the United States. The government’s collection rights are something a mobster might admire. Late fees and collection fees are ruinous. Student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, so you’ll drag that escalating debt forever. […]

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