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For investors, money market mutual funds are handy. You can use them as a parking place when you’re moving money from one investment to another. Many of us also use the funds as ready cash reserves. We pay our normal bills with online (or paper) checking accounts and reach into our money funds for unusual expenses. We’re […]

What’s high on the hit list in Washington DC today? The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was created to defend you from lying and predatory lenders. The financial industry hates the bureau and wants it gone. Their lobbyists and legislators couldn’t stop it from being enacted into law. Now, they’re trying to cripple it […]

The big banks are threatening to hit you with fees for using your debit card. JPMorgan Chase fired the first shot across the bow last week, by canceling its debit-card rewards program. Why is this happening? Because the banks lost an epic battle with retailers, which will force them to slash the fees they collect […]

When a wealthy man (it’s usually a man) has creditors on his trail, he’ll probably try to protect some assets by transferring them to his wife. If it works, his wife will be richer than she was before. On the downside, the law might come after her, too – wanting the money back. That’s what’s happening to […]

Is Wall Street reform already dead? The bankers and other gazillionaires are back in the driver’s seat, in Washington D.C. For you and me, that means taking a more conservative stance with our personal money. Unbridled speculation and financial deceit brought us the Great Economic Collapse of 2008. If the new Congress undermines the Dodd-Frank […]

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