With gun owners everywhere, no one is safe

No one is safe from people who pack guns, even if they’re neighbors and friends. You never know where a bullet might be coming from.

1. A Kentucky state Representative Leslie Combs discharged her pistol in her office while trying to unload it. Luckily, the rep who was talking with her dodged the bullet. Combs shrugged it off. “I am a gun owner…. It happens,” she said. That’s truth popping out. Gun owners expect accidents. The rest of us are expected to stay out of the way. If you get shot by accident, well, that’s life. http://bit.ly/1difrwq

2. In Florida, state law lets you use firearms in your yard, as long as you don’t behave “negligently or recklessly.” But what can possibly be “non-reckless” use of a firearm in a neighborhood where yards are small and homes are packed together?  A Central Florida man standing in his own backyard was shot through the chest and killed, by a bullet let loose from a shooting range in a nearby yard. The story said that police are investigating.

“Police are investigating??’ Investigating what? Is there any way that a guy having target practice, a few yards down, and kills a neighbor, can run free? Is it a defense against manslaughter to say that, unfortunately, you’re a “bad shot?” http://bit.ly/1itQj7C

3. In West Virginia, a man shot and killed two brothers who were visiting their newly purchased property next door. The shooter claimed that the brothers had trespassed on his property. Whatever happened to shouting “Get off my land?” if you think that people stepped over the line.  I guess that’s for wusses, not gun owners. And by the way, the brothers weren’t trespassing. They were simply attacked and murdered by that nice old guy next door. http://bit.ly/L5YkRZ

4. In Florida, a man — father of the three-year-old — was texting her during a movie. The man behind him, an ex Tampa police captain, got into an argument with him about it. The cop pulled out his concealed pistol and shot the man dead. The shot also injured his wife.

That’s the good old American freedom of concealed carry anywhere. What might have been a fistfight turns into a murder. The ex-cop was arrested. Question now: what will his old buddies in the police and courts decide to do? http://bit.ly/1kyUb9v

5. And what about the macho men who can’t leave their front doors without a gun in their pockets? In the Brighton, Mich., Home Depot, a ready-for-anything guy reached for his wallet and accidentally discharged the pistol he’d tucked into his pocket. Fortunately, it was pointing down, so he simply shot himself in the butt and the leg. The people around him were unharmed. Why was he carrying a loaded pistol into Home Depot? Captain America ready to fire if his life was threatened by someone cutting into line? http://bit.ly/19zmj7M

6. Further proof that you’re not even safe from yourself: A guy in Tennessee, who carries a Baretta in his pants pocket, tried to take off the pants at home without removing the gun. It discharged, shooting him in the chin and nose. http://bit.ly/1dQKCd8 Maybe, instead of background checks, we need IQ tests for gun ownership.

7. And the quote of the week from a mom whose 12-year-old girl lies dead, shot by a 15-year-old who took his grandfather’s gun. “Someone doesn’t need to leave a gun laying out where kids can grab it.” The boy apparently fired the gun why trying to change the magazine. http://bit.ly/1g0JK8P When will we start holding adults responsible for leaving guns “laying out?”

8. In Omaha, the five-year-old relative of a councilman was eating her breakfast at home. A stray bullet can through the wall and killed her. http://bit.ly/1fCqdPO

9. In Detroit — a new definition of keeping a gun “safe.” Put it under the bed where you can’t see it. Unfortunately, a 4-year-old girl saw it, hauled it out, pointed it at her 4-year-old cousin, fired, and killed him. Children point guns at people. TV shows them how. The grandfather was with the children at the time. Another “responsible” gun owner. http://bit.ly/K9Z0pi


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Tom Harvey // 01/28/2014 at 1:34 pm

Mandating insurance for gun owners would help a lot. It should stay in effect if the gun is lost, stolen or improperly transferred so that all guns would be covered even those that move into criminal hands.

Keith Whelan // 01/29/2014 at 9:48 am

I’m with you on this, Jane. The real challenge is what strategy will work to help solve the problem. I’d think that one consistent federal law vs. 50 separate state laws would be a start. And a comprehensive, integrated database of gun owners (with no loopholes), much like our database of car registrations, would be another positive step. Perhaps the only organization that could overcome Congress’s loyalty to gun lobbyists would be a groundswell of mothers, like MADD. My 3 cents.

Jim Wootton // 04/09/2014 at 8:33 am

Please persist in your verbal assault on America’s gun culture.

Dan Fitzsimmons // 04/19/2014 at 7:32 am

Thank you for keeping this issue front and center. A reasoned, responsible approach to resolution seems to be moving further away. How many will it take?

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