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Today, bonds look like losers. If the economy continues to improve, as currently projected, long-term interest rates will gradually go up. When unemployment comes down, the Federal Reserve will stop repressing short-term rates and they’ll rise, too. When interest rates rise, the market price of bonds and bond mutual funds goes down. So why would […]

Lawyers are tut-tutting over the taxes due on the probate estate of James (Tony Soprano) Gandolfini. He was worth some $70 million when he died of a heart attack while traveling in Italy in June. He left the bulk of his money to his sisters, wife and children — some in cash, some in trust. […]

Many states penalize adults for endangering children. Just having a physical fight with your spouse, when children are present, can constitute child abuse. So howcome adults who leave guns where children can get them usually go scot free? They’re held responsible only if they’re otherwise certified as “bad” people. Take the couple in Lake County, […]

Wall Street is rigged. Investment banks get filthy rich while sucking profits away from the mutual funds and pension funds that that you and I depend on. It’s deeply unfair but not illegal (or mostly not). When the average investor reads yet another story about the amoral, killer scrum that’s America’s financial industry, the tendency […]

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