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Selling stocks at yearend makes sense, if you have a loss. You can use that loss to offset any capital gains you’ve taken this year, and even write off up to $3,000 against your ordinary income. Larger losses can be carried forward and deducted in future years. But this year, investors are rushing to sell […]

The S&P 500 is up 12 percent so far this year (21 percent in the past 12 months). About 88 percent of its earnings growth is coming from just 10 stocks. Of those 10, seven are financial companies, including AIG and the big banks whose high-risk speculation tipped the economy into crisis in 2008. Wall […]

For investors, money market mutual funds are handy. You can use them as a parking place when you’re moving money from one investment to another. Many of us also use the funds as ready cash reserves. We pay our normal bills with online (or paper) checking accounts and reach into our money funds for unusual expenses. We’re […]

I manage a lot of my life online. So I’m generating “digital assets” — bank and investment accounts, Facebook postings, Tweets, personal photographs held somewhere in the cloud, music downloads, postings on this website, and my business records. Who has access to them if I get hit by a truck? I thought I was covered […]

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