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For insight into our frequent frustration with medical care, I urge you to read the graduation speech that surgeon and writer Atul Gawande gave to Harvard students last week. He talked about patient-care issues I hadn’t fully understood, and for which even today’s generation of doctors are apparently not prepared. It will greatly enlarge your […]

Dear Friends – Spam is the bane of online life. I have a pretty good spam-blocker and for more than a year it has collected hundreds messages a week that were trying to sell you everything from yoga manuals (doubtful) to stock-picking services (ugh) to obvious porn (yikes). Lately, however, the little robot buggers have […]

What’s high on the hit list in Washington DC today? The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was created to defend you from lying and predatory lenders. The financial industry hates the bureau and wants it gone. Their lobbyists and legislators couldn’t stop it from being enacted into law. Now, they’re trying to cripple it […]

What should you do to guarantee yourself access to future medical care? If you’re under 55, talk to your parents or your grandparents. They hold the votes that will decide whether your options will be as good as theirs. The Republicans, in a recent House budget resolution, offered seniors and Boomers a breathtaking deal. The […]

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