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What if pre-retirement savers have been doing things all wrong? Instead of focusing on stocks, to grow money for your later years, advisors are looking, increasing, at current income guarantees. They’re asking how you’re going to pay your bills when your paycheck stops. Traditionally, you’re supposed to keep 50 or 60 percent of your money […]

Did Prince William get a prenuptial agreement before reserving Westminster Abbey for his marriage to Kate? The Fleet Street rumor mill says “no.” In England, it still just isn’t done. Financial planners on this side of the pond, however, say, “Dumb decision, Will. Remember what happened to mom and dad.” Prenups set down how the […]

Stay with your stocks, is the message that investors are getting from some key market and economic forecasters. They’re betting that the economy can stand up by itself, as the government cuts its budget and the stimulus programs gradually wind down. Not that there isn’t plenty to worry about: high gasoline prices, unfinished revolutions in […]

Are you planning on filing your last-minute tax returns electronically? Make sure that a crook isn’t secretly looking over your shoulder while you’re online. “The bad guys are always surfing for mistakes,” says Fred Touchette, senior security analyst for AppRiver, an Internet security company. “The weakest link in computer security is usually the individual user.” […]

Opt out of marketing data bases! Do it now! And don’t give out any personal information in response to an email, even if it appears to come from your bank or favorite store. Another major hacker attack last week exposed the names and emails of millions of consumers to cyber criminals — and you might […]

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