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Has Congress found a way to exert its political will on the supposedly independent Federal Reserve Board? And, in the process, murder the infant Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? If so, say goodbye to future, broad actions to save consumers from credit card and other financial abuse, including the enforcement of current laws. Government action against […]

While you’re mining this year’s tax instructions for savings on deductions and credits, don’t forget the special rules that come with your marital status. The so-called “marriage penalty” affects only couples with roughly equal incomes that year. The majority gets an Ozzie-and-Harriet ”marriage bonus.” Here’s a quick guide to the tax quirks couples should look for:

Email your legislator, if you’re counting on federal Pell Grants to help you start, or continue, your higher education. The GOP proposes to slash your award by about 15 percent for academic year starting this September. That would be the largest cut in aid in the history of the program. President Obama opposes the change […]

In marriage, what’s your biggest financial risk? That your spouse has a secret vice, and I don’t mean playing around with other partners. It’s STD in a different form – “sexually transmitted debt.” Your beloved might be hauling the burden of excess credit card spending or unpaid student loans that have grown from a molehill […]

Are you confused about choosing investments in a company 401(k)? More than three-quarters of the plans try to solve the problem for you by offering target-date mutual funds – one-stop shopping for savers who want to simplify their lives. You can buy them for Individual Retirement Accounts, too. I like these funds, but picking the […]

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