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What’s one of the country’s top New Year’s resolutions? “Get my personal finances on track.” It competes with “Lose five pounds” and way outdoes “Spend more time with family and friends.” If you get control of your money, you might even find it easier to control other niggling issues (like that extra Christmas weight). Here […]

My husband and I will spend New Year’s Eve with a group of our oldest friends. What better way to remind ourselves of our attachments and our long histories of care for each other. With age, however, things change. We’ll count down to midnight at 11 p.m. (maybe 10:30), raise a glass, pass kisses all […]

Make 2011 your year to simplify. The day I started to practice investment KISS (Keep It Simple, Sister*) was when I finally got control of my financial life. I dropped my broker, quit hunting for hot stocks and mutual funds (losers, all), and put my retirement money on automatic pilot. I chose an easy investment […]

Here’s my killer wassail recipe again. This year, I substituted dry sherry for the usual sweet sherry or Madeira. We all liked it even better (if that’s possible). I also reduced the number of apples. The recipe serves 16. For smaller Christmases, I cut it in half. As usual, my grandchildren, Hallee and Elias, hung […]

How safe are your municipal bonds? That depends on which ones you own. “Muni bond defaults are far more likely to default than at any time in recent history,” says bond expert Alex Anderson, vice president of Envision Capital Management. Most of them will pay, but you have to buy them right. The danger has […]

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