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The government is winding up a major, years-long investigation into insider trading. If the charges prove true, they’ll show that the gains in some mutual funds and hedge funds have nothing to do with brilliant analysis or even luck. The big boys, illegally, got information in advance that pointed to a probable rise or fall […]

You have to pay attention, when MetLife — the Metropolitan Life insurance Company — quits selling long-term care insurance. Aetna, Aegon and Equitable Life have exited, too. Insurers are struggling for profits and pushing prices up. Last month, John Hancock asked the states to let it raise premiums on existing policies by an average of […]

What was billed as the Great Year-End Tax Wrestle seems to be ending with a whimper instead of a bang. The White House might surrender to the Republicans and their own Democratic conservatives. Odds are, Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy will continue, at a 10-year cost of nearly $700 billion. The revenue loss would […]

Obama’s signature tax cut for middle class — titled Making Work Pay – expires at the end of this year. Republicans show no interest in renewing it.  As a result, working-class and middle-class earners will pay a bit more in 2011, even if the Bush-era tax cuts are left in place. This was the Rodney […]

Can the Republicans de-fund the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? The answer is no – at least, not as the law stands now. As far as is possible, Congress sheltered the bureau from hostile political interference. Supporters of the law took a lesson from what happened at the Securities and Exchange Commission, when financial lobbyists poured […]

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