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The stakes for health reform are high. If Republicans win the House in the midterm elections, they will set the agenda. The Affordable Care Act could slowly be torn apart – not by repeal, but by denying the money needed to put its provisions into effect. Rep. John Boehner (and Speaker-in-waiting) says, “They’ll get not one […]

The bankers know exactly whom to blame for the housing collapse and foreclosure fiascos. It’s you – the devious American homeowner who wickedly borrowed the easy money they had on offer. No blame to the lenders who dreamed up high-risk mortgages and doled them out to anyone with a pulse. No blame to mortgage brokers […]

If an IRS warning suddenly pops up in your email, do not – repeat, not – click on the link. Trust me, the government isn’t reaching out to help you. You’re being phished, and not by a garden-variety spammer. You’re hearing from Avalanche, the largest and one of the most sophisticated criminal gangs on the […]

Your home is safe. If you bought a foreclosed property in good faith, no court or sheriff will take it away, even if the paperwork turns out to be bad. The scandal of faulty foreclosures is frightening buyers who took advantage of today’s low prices and interest rates. Investors who bought fixer-uppers or rental properties […]

The new, 49-state investigation into foreclosure frauds comes as no surprise to people who follow the mortgage service business. Shoddy, deceptive paperwork has plagued homeowners for years. In the industry’s slimy underside, firms push borrowers into default and foreclosure, even when they’ve been making payments on time. Their business model makes defaults profitable, says Marie McDonnell who has […]

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