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Senator Tim Johnson socked investors with what might be a knockout punch, during negotiations on the financial reform bill. Investor protection is down for the count. The new law, when passed, is going to leave you out. Johnson, a South Dakota Democrat, laughs at the concept of “fiduciary duty”—the idea that people who advise you […]

If you’re saving for retirement and want to lock in a future income on favorable terms, consider buying a tax deferred variable annuity with lifetime guarantees. The prices being offered now are probably too good to last. Note that this deal might not be best choice for people who need income now. It’s for people […]

We’re all supposed to be responsible for ourselves, right? Don’t ask the government for help. When it comes to preparing for the costs of long-term care, however, that ideology isn’t working very well. People who can afford long-term care (LTC) insurance often skip it. They plan on letting the welfare program called Medicaid pick up […]

If unemployment hits, which bills do you cover first? Traditionally, that would be food, utilities, transportation and housing. If you couldn’t stretch your income to cover credit card payments, you let them go. Such thinking is so pre-2008. Since the real estate meltdown, growing numbers of straitened borrowers are changing their priorities. They’re protecting their […]

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