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Repeat after me: tax-free municipal bonds rarely default. It’s unthinkable for a state not to pay the interest on its debt. Then pause for a moment. Is anything really unthinkable anymore? You buy munis for security. Some of the bonds you’re holding, in a mutual fund or an individual portfolio, no longer measure up. General […]

Everyone within shouting distance of a consumer columnist knows that term life insurance is the smartest and best way of protecting your family. Boomers loaded up when their kids were young, usually with policies that lasted for 20 years. But when you buy, you rarely think about what will happen when the term runs out. […]

What angers me most about Wall Street’s shady dealing and greed is that that they like to blame the national meltdown on their customers. You’ve heard their sniffy defense: People took mortgages they couldn’t afford, lied to lenders about their incomes and deserve whatever they got. The poor li’l ole mortgage bankers and investors were […]

I’ve praise the Senate financial reform bill here for imposing a fiduciary duty on stockbrokers. And I praised Maine Senator Susan Collins for wanting to extend that duty to brokers who sell to institutions such as pension funds and mutual funds. Wow, did I ever speak too soon. Last week, Collins declared herself in favor of […]

Auto dealers are swarming Capitol Hill, asking their Senators to exempt them from scrutiny by the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency. They’ve already won an exemption from the House of Representatives. If the Senate gives them a free pass, too, it will hurt consumers, turn a blind eye to predatory practices, and violate the principle […]

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