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Wall Street turned crummy mortgage loans into a pot of gold. How did that happen? Fraud charges against Goldman Sachs, filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, gave the public its first peek at the game. So did Michael Lewis’s must-read new book, “The Big Short,” about a handful of the clever people who bet […]

Many of you send me questions. I try to answer them all. But sometimes I send you an answer and get a robo-reply, telling me I have to jump through hoops to get my answer through. Dear friends, I don’t jump. If you want to hear from me, please don’t program your email to block […]

For all the anger about taxes, you’d think that rates had never been so high. In fact, it’s the reverse. They’ve rarely been this low. The median income family of four, earning $75,594, will pay only 4.6 percent of its total income in federal income taxes, after taking exemptions, deductions and tax credits. Last year […]

We need a pro-consumer tea-party march on Washington–an angry march that tells the Senate we won’t take it anymore. Consumers are justly furious with banks that misled them about the costs and risks of their mortgages and credit cards, and skewered them with fees. President Obama wants to create a Consumer Financial Protection Agency, to […]

The moral of this story is: Never feed red meat to zealots. The moment you stop feeding them, they chew your arm off. Bart Stupak, the Michigan representative, fought for—and won—tough language to restrict abortion in the health care reform act. Suddenly (yesterday), he announced that he’ll retire. One reason he’s leaving office is that […]

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