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My new favorite website,, combs political speeches, statements and TV rants to separate the truth from the chaff. Want to know how many campaign promises Obama has fulfilled, broken, or compromised on? Want to browse the “pants-on-fire” lies that ricochet around the Internet? (People “can’t go fishing any more because of Obama.”–Rush Limbaugh.) And […]

Starting July 1, higher-ed students will get their federal Stafford loans directly from the government rather than from banks. About 50 percent of students do this already, through the federal Direct Loan program. Under a provision tucked into the Affordable Health Care Act, all students will soon be borrowing that way. The change will save […]

What does an abortion typically cost? Here are the average prices, according to the National Abortion Federation: During the first trimester–$350 in a clinic and $500 in a doctor’s office. At 16 weeks–$650 in a clinic and $700 in a doctor’s office. After the 20th week, the average tops $1,000. Planned Parenthood puts the cost […]

We all know that health insurance can lock you into a job. You don’t dare switch companies or start your own business unless you know that you can get coverage at a price you can afford. What probably haven’t thought about is that retiree group health insurance can also lock you into the city where […]

On my wall, I have a photograph of my grandmother at 12, with her parents and siblings. They’re done up in silk dresses, handsomely arranged on chairs,  unsmiling, with a confident papa strutting behind. It’s one of my treasures. I have thousands of other family  photographs in boxes, some as recent as five years ago, […]

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