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“I need a mortgage for the tax deduction.” Every time someone says that to me I go nuts. It’s the mortgage lenders’ longest-running, most successful scam. People keep their mortgages when they don’t have to, and even take larger ones, because they think the tax deduction helps them out. When you write off mortgage interest […]

What can you do if you’re being forced to retire without enough savings? That’s a question I’m getting a lot, as I book-talk my way up the West Coast. The unfortunate answer is, you’re cooked. Maybe you can find another job to tide you over for a few more years. But when your paycheck finally […]

I might have gotten rooked by Bernie Madoff, thanks to one of my accountants. About 10 years ago, he told me that he could get me in with a particularly astute investment manager. “There are no home runs,” he said. “Just a steady 10 to 20 percent a year.” Naturally, my ears pricked up. A […]

Sales commissions drive the “advice” you get from brokers and other financial advisers. They promote products that pay them the highest commissions, even when they know about better (and cheaper) ones. Case in point: a story in Investment News on the newest tax-deferred annuities. These investments are notoriously expensive for consumers (although you rarely know […]

The Tea Party movement represents more of a danger to our social fabric than you might think. It’s the visible spout of a monstrous whale of unrest, raging just below the surface of our national life. In the 1930s, the most visible social unrest came from the left. It was communitarian, demanding help from the […]

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