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The big banks needed billions of dollars from the taxpayers to stay alive. Now they’re thumbing their noses at the very people who saved their tails. They’re hiking fees and interest rates on credit cards, and refusing to modify mortgages so that willing people can keep their homes. They’re socking it to small businesses, by […]

Read excerpts from this inspiring talk about health-care reform, by Connecticut’s Republican ex-Senator and governor, Lowell Weicker. He puts the moral case for reform better than anything else I’ve seen for many months. Weicker still has his Senate health insurance. It covers himself, his wife and his disabled son for some $300-plus a month. “So, […]

I never thought it would happen. On New Year’s Day, the estate tax goes away. If it stays away, as Republicans want, it will cost the taxpayer $1.3 trillion, over the 10 years starting in 2012. That’s 55 percent more than the Senate health care bill is expected to cost, and benefits only the uber-rich. […]

“You posted a RECIPE,” they cried? “When you don’t cook and all your friends know it?” Ok, busted. I don’t cook, not even hard boiled eggs. But I do make wassail, which isn’t a talent to sneer at, especially on Christmas Eve when it’s cold outside, the family gathers and a fire blazes. Seconds, anyone? […]

Our family goes a-wassailing, warmed inside and out. For other celebrants, here’s my favorite wassail recipe. I love having children with me in the kitchen, to measure the spices and beat the eggs. Be sure you have glasses that can take heat (Irish coffee glasses work just fine). This recipe serves 16. For smaller Christmases, […]

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