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Opposites attract, including money opposites. More often than not, tightwads walk down the aisle with spendthrifts—so says some interesting research by a marketing professor at the University of Michigan . Maybe the tightwad loves the spendthrift’s sense of abandon and fun. Maybe the spendthrift hopes that the tightwad can provide stability. Whatever the chemistry,

 I love debit cards. They’re the electronic equivalent of writing checks or paying cash. When you pay by debit, the money is taken directly out of your bank account, right away. That makes them terrific tools for budgeting. You can’t kid yourself by saying “I’ll pay for it next month,” the way you can with […]

Boycott big banks! Switch your money into community banks and credit unions, or put your savings into Internet banks that pay high rates. Congress passed a law intending to snuff some abusive practices, such jumping your credit card interest rate on purchases you’ve already made. So what are the banks doing? Jumping your interest rates by […]

Banks drive me crazy. There’s practically no competition any more. A few big banks own the lion’s share of the business. They’re generally terrific for doing business online, with good bill paying, budgeting, and other services. But the investment products they sell are too highly priced (you can do much better somewhere else). And they’re […]

It turns out that one of the barriers to getting college aid is the federal aid form itself. It’s so complicated, with 153 detailed questions about income and assets, that you want to throw it out, and many families do. Or they find it impossible to fill out correctly. I don’t understand some of the questions […]

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